Bluetooth speakers are always good to all music lovers. They give their listeners high-quality music, and they are portable.
PC gaming is a huge trend, and it is getting very competitive with each passing day. The emergence of handheld gaming devices has only funneled the need for more capable PCs.
Computer malware is software created to harm computer programs and files. By so doing, the software aims at getting unauthorized access to personal information of the computer user.

How You Can Improve Your PC Gaming Experience


There are so many things you may choose to do during your free time. You can go out and engage in various recreational activities that have some adrenaline charge. Those who do not prefer such activities may choose to remain indoors and also participate in other fun activities. Some favorite indoor activities you can try out include gaming, watching movies or playing music.

There are so many PC and video games you can play that will keep you entertained. You can try Critical Ops for PC which is a great multiplayer shooting game. Playing such games can be beneficial to you in several ways. One good thing about them is that they are very entertaining.

The different obstacles you may be required to beat can make your gaming experience more entertaining. Reaching the different levels and unlocking certain features will keep you engaged even more. These games also have a multiplayer option which means you can play with two or more of your friends.

You can call your friends and compete against eachgaming other. There are health benefits you get to enjoy like improved cognitive function. Your concentration will always be high, and you will become a fast thinker in several situations. It also helps relieve stress to a certain extent. You need to improve your gaming experience to have some great entertainment. Here is how you can go about that.

Update Your Drivers

When it comes to PC gaming, you need to utilize the latest drivers. Always stay informed of the newest gaming drivers you can use. There are different sites or sources where you can get information on some of the latest drivers around. You should also update your graphics more often. All this will help improve your performance when gaming.

Have Good Storage

You should also improve your storage if you want to have the best gaming experience. A weak one will only make your computer and games slow which can be very irritating. There can be long loading times that will frustrate you. Upgrade your hard disk if you want a better performance and gaming experience.

Observe Proper Maintenance

You should take good care of your gaming PC to have a goodgaming experience using it and also ensure it serves you for an extended period. One can do this by getting rid of the dust that may have accumulated on it. Make sure everything else like your computer’s fan is functioning properly. This will help sure everything is in the ideal state for a good gaming experience.…

Top Tech Things a Streamer Should Have


Have you ever thought of becoming a streamer? Nowadays, many people have ditched their office job and have decided to become a Youtuber or a streamer. You’ve probably thought that being a streamer means that you’re playing some game while streaming whatever you’re playing on twitch, but it’s not limited to just that. Nowadays many people do a lot of streaming, and it’s not only limited to live broadcast, as it can also be a podcast as well. If you’re thinking of trying to make a living in a world of streaming, consider reading this article to know more about what you need to have or prepare.

Internet Plan

First of all, if you’re streaming, you can’t be relying on public WiFi or the free WiFi that comes with your rent, as they won’t be stable enough to keep your stream or podcast up. A tip from us is to get a trusted internet plan to keep your stream up and going. Consider checking out this promo of AT&T DIRECTV Best Bundle Deal: $75/mo + $150 VISA Reward Card, in case you’re looking for a cable and internet plan.


If you don’t have a laptop or if you want a higher video quality, consider buying a good webcam or a camera. It might cost you a lot, but you’ll be able to bring high-quality content to your audience. Make sure to do some research before you go on camera hunting, as this will limit you to the selections in the store.


microphoneA laptop might come with a microphone installed, but most of them don’t have a high quality that you want; some might even sound noisy and might hurt some of your audience’s ears, which you might want to remedy by getting a microphone. If you’re not tech-savvy, make sure to get a microphone that is made to be plug and play without any additional accessories.

Tip: Getting a pop filter might be necessary to reduce unwanted noise in your recording or streaming.

Another Screen

Another thing that you want to have is an additional screen. You might ask why you would need another monitor for your streaming activities? And the answer is simply because you need the screen to monitor on what’s going on in the chat. Is someone requesting you to do something? Or is someone asking you about what you are doing? Having another screen is quite essential because you can’t keep on alt-tabbing every now and then.…

Things to Consider When Buying Good Headphones


Purchasing your headphones can be daunting. We have all used headphones in our life, whether it’s cheap or expensive. Getting the sound well can have a significant difference between an emotional journey and a bus ride. However, there is more to headphones than what you see. You can tune the sound in many ways, but you can only enjoy the best audio by purchasing headphones based on quality and not by looks or brands.

This guide will assist you to have a good understanding on what to check in headphones.

Smartphone Compatibility

a lady wearing headphonesSome Android or iPhone users use their phones to store and play their music, and other users prefer to keep it separate. Even then, some people don’t care a lot about smartphone compatibility. This is a must for users when buying headphones.

You can buy the JBL Everest Elite since its perfect for people who want an excellent quality sound that has noise cancellation, and you can also receive calls. We are grateful to the inbuilt microphones and Bluetooth microphones that have echo-cancellation because it becomes more comfortable without the use of a single cord.


You should know that headphones are not cookie cutter and that they are all different. Just because you have seen your close friends show off how fascinating their headphones are, it doesn’t mean that you will like them. Maybe you will not like the pressure that the headphones will have on your ears or the heat they will have in summer after using them for an hour. Choose headphones that will offer you comfort when using them.

Sound Isolation

Purchasing headphones with good sound isolation is essential if you want to have the best experience. So you should look for headphones that have either in-ear earphones or closed-back headphones because they block outside noise. A good noise reduction uses the microphones inside the headphones to get rid of the noise from the outside, making your listening experience clear and with good quality.

Corded vs. Wireless

headphones on the groundLastly, understanding the purpose of your headphones will help you to know whether you will do well with corded or wireless headphones. If you are a person who is always on the move, you should go for wireless headphones because it’s the best choice. They have noise isolation, an in-line microphone, and are sweat-proof. But if you are looking for a piece that has high-quality sound, then you should buy corded headphones because they are the best.


Common Classification of Vape Mods

vape pen

The “mod” is well known when it comes to the world of electronic cigarettes. The mod as it is known gets its name from earlier vape pens that were assumed different designs like flashlight cases. Things have since changed, and mods have now become a force of their thanks to a massive array of shapes and designs that allow for greater customization.

small vape pen

Vape came into the scene after growing concerns from vapor enthusiast who wanted heavier hits. Ideally, more power means large clouds and rich flavor. This, mod has caught up with larger vape pens in terms of power and quality. Moreover, new designs come with more control features for a custom vaping experience. Fond the right vape mod should not be hard provided you know what you are looking for and why.

If you are looking for the best vapes, here are some classifications worth looking at.

Vape Mods

Vape mods have been known to have regulated circuits and thus safer. Moreover, they also offer rich vapor and flavor. Their extended battery life means that you can you can always have your daily dose without worrying much about recharging or carrying a charger wherever you go.

Box Mods

Box mods are just vape modes with a box-like shape. Most of these vape pens assume a rectangular or square shape. They are also known to be highly customizable, thus giving the user maximum control. Even better, you can have a box mod with multiple batteries in one box.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods, as their name suggests are relatively mechanical to operate. They are also simple to operate considering that you only have to use the on-off button as you wish. They are quite large and might require some technical expertise to build or use.

Herb Vaporizers

blue vape mod

Vaporizers for herbs are specially designed for loose herb and tobacco products. Ideally, these units only focus on temperature control and non-combustion. They are known to be perfect for home set-ups and hold more material.

Why Mods

The amount of cloud generated by mods is larger than that produced by most types of vape pens. As such, heavy tobacco smokers find these devices more convenient considering that they offer considerable holding capacity, superior battery life, and a high Vapor capacity. If you need the best vape pen, a vape mod could be everything you have ever wanted. They are not the most aesthetically appealing devices, but they produce a vapor that rivals cigarette smoke.…

Simple Steps to Protect Your PC from Malware


Computer malware is software created to harm computer programs and files. By so doing, the software aims at getting unauthorized access to personal information of the computer user. There are also some forms of computer malware that are created to generate money. When a computer is infected with malware, it does not function properly. It may eventually crash. Therefore, it is better to stay safe than sorry. Here are simple steps to protect your PC from malware.

Install anti-malware software

MalwarePerhaps the first thing you should do to keep your computer safe is to install anti-malware software. Computer viruses embed themselves on the executable programs installed on your computer and multiply throughout the operating system when these programs are in use. Other forms of malware spread on their own. Installation of antivirus and anti-malware software is one way of preventing the spread of malicious software on your PC. There are various types of anti-malware software. Some are free while others come at a cost. You can pick your choice depending on the level of security that you need.

Update your anti-virus software regularly

Once you install anti-virus software, the battle is not yet over. This software needs to be regularly updated so that it can work effectively. As new ways of fighting malware are designed, malware creators and users also come up with new ways of surviving. Therefore there is need to keep updating your antivirus software so that you get the latest and most powerful versions.

Activate firewall

As the name suggests, the firewall is simply a wall of fire that protects your PC against malware attacks. It monitors the traffic from external sources and creates a barrier between these external networks and the trusted internal network. When it is inactive, your computer is vulnerable to malware, spyware and ransomware attacks. You will not lack Trojans, viruses, and worms. However, when you activate it, you are safe from malicious software that comes from external networks.

Scan all external storage devices before use

Never trust any external storage media. You should always scan all external storage devices before you use them. USB devices and CDs spread malware like wildfire, especially if they have been used to transfer files from the internet to the computer. You need to have antivirus software installed on your PC to perform anti-virus scans on external storage devices.

Avoid surfing on some sites

virus detectedYou surf internet pornography on your PC. No offense. But do you know that these sites are full of viruses? Pornography sites are sources of many forms of malware that may infect your PC. Other sites include pirating sites and any other website that deals with illegal activity. Avoid visiting these websites at all costs, primarily when you cannot identify the viruses on the sites correctly.

All said and done; it is important to note that the best way to protect your PC against malware is watching all your actions on the PC. It is easy to keep your computer safe from malware attacks if you know how malware spreads. For instance, you can visit a pornography site and leave it without getting infected by a virus. All you have to do is to avoid clicking on the links that promise free HD porn, for example.…

Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

wireless speaker

Bluetooth speakers are always good to all music lovers. They give their listeners high-quality music, and they are portable. This means that even if you are going to a faraway place you can carry them with you. When you plan on going on vacation with your family, for example, your portable bluetooth speakers should not miss in your bag. If you are having fun in a park, you can always have the company of your cool music from your portable bluetooth speakers.

The best part when it comes to buying bluetooth speakers is that there are so many bluetooth speakers in our market today. This has made it for beginners to make their choices because you do not know which one will best meet your personal needs. When you are buying bluetooth speakers for the first time you need to have a guide and a list that enables you to make your choices correctly. Have a list of all the features you want your speakers to have so that you do not get confused more easily.bluetooth speakers


What do we mean by portability? An item can be able to be moved from one place to another. You need to know and be specific about your reasons for buying a bluetooth speaker. If you want a speaker that you can move with whenever you go for your trips such as camping and picnicking then go for it. Also, you can ask yourself questions such as, will I need a bluetooth speaker that I will use to play music in my house? You may also need the speakers to play music in your office. The use of your speakers should guide you in your choice and enable you to buy a suitable bluetooth speaker that can meet your needs.

It’s volume

Another aspect that should guide you when you are buying your speakers is the volume of the speakers that you want. This will depend on how loud you want your speakers to be. If you wish a loudspeaker that you can use for loud music during parties, then know which one to buy. You also need to know whether you want a device that can music from your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops and where you will play the music from, is it your home or place of work? This is what will guide on the type of speaker you will buy and the type of volume it should have.


When you want to buy a bluetooth speaker, you should be able to assess your needs for wanting to purchase it. Apart from playing music, you may want to listen to the music from your devices such as laptop, tablet or phone. Also, you may buy a bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to an FM radio. You may also want to purchase a portable bluetooth speaker that has an alarm. If you want all of the above, then there is the need for you to buy a multifunctional speaker.…